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Fixing the Portal

Valda, the teifling,. The group decides to teleport to Mernor, but first they need to collect Karne Ironfist. Brewis Tumblebelly runs to the nearest apothecary shop to get a motion tea. Zakiti follows, after [[:bramos is kicked out of the mage’s tower. Brewis Tumblebelly takes a look around town to get some information about the Anepin flower. Brewis Tumblebelly learns that the flower only blooms for 3 days and is highly sought after. The flower is only useful during thee 3 days when it is blooming. Brewis Tumblebelly sends a letter to [[:bramos and then jumps a cart to find the flower. During the night when Zakiti is keeping watch, Brewis Tumblebelly walks up and says that his caravan is only a couple of hours ahead of them, he then stabs Zakiti while talking to him. Zakiti stirs [[:bramos and Karne Ironfist. They see nothing and after several minutes after asking Zakiti if he was sure that saw anything. The next night Brewis Tumblebelly attacked Karne Ironfist before vanishing into the shadows again. A few moments later Brewis Tumblebelly appeared to the others and they requested that he drop his weapons. Brewis Tumblebelly not understanding why obliged. Then the Brewis Tumblebelly figure lept out of the shadows again and stabbed Karne Ironfist again. The brewis look-a-like had Tiamat’s symbol on him as he continued attacking Karne Ironfist.

The next morning they went to find the Anepin flower. When they got over the dunes there was a rolling feild of flowers before the land changed to sand, then to sea. It was there that they saw the houses of the koa-toa. While searching the area one of the koa-toa sounded the alarm and started to attack them. After fighting with the koa-toa for a little bit, Mishan found the flower and they promptly dimensioned doored them away from the seige of koa-toa. Upon finding themselves in a safe location they then linked portal to Sendrassil.

They found themselves in the mage’s tower of Sendrassil. One of the stewards of the mage portal noticed Bramos and welcomed him to the city and then inquired to Weego‘s health and whereabouts. Bramos respectfully answered the questions. They then exited the Arcane University onto the Eladrin tier. They decieded to head to the Jeweler’s to see if he knew anything about the Cawic stone that they were searching for. He did not but was very interested in Zakiti . Bramos then inquired about use of the lift to the dwarven tier. The shopkeep offered his lift to Bramos for whenever he was in need of it. Upon exiting in the dwarven tier. Bramos and Karne Ironfist started having weird conversations about “Robinhud”. They then headed toward Ren’s to see how his endevor was faring.

While ren is looking for some more info on the cawic stone, bramos, brewis, and karne decide to go looking into the health of the family maansiir, Zikiti, meanwhile decided to stay in the dwarven disctrict and look into the strange air that is in the area and affecting his freinds. He casted a spell to find the source of the strange air. He found that the most concentrated air seemed to be near an ornate door that seems to be closed off. Zakiti sat in front of the door and decieded to cast hand of the mage to gain some knowledge, from this. He felt that there is a corruption of a center stone in the mesa. After this he went into a bar that was near by to gain some informatin on what had been happening with that stone. He was told tha it was called "calon carreeg” or the heart stone in the common tongue.

The others made their way up to Vasilily’s house to see if had been back by since they last saw him. They

THen they decided to go out to see if Yarri had the cawic stone in her hoarde. Zakiti went in to negotiate and see if she had the cawic stone in her posesstion. Yarri sees that this stone is both humanoid and stone. Yarri sees that he is decidedly hers. Brewis goes in to talkt with Yarri and see if he can bargin with Yarri. Brewis hints that he knows where Oolahana and Brandis’ child. Yarri agrees that sh will trade the cawic stone and zakiti for oolahana’s child. Brewis decides that the best way to solve this is to find an orphan to trade off as the child. Bramos and Karne decide to prepare a feast for her. After several hours of hunting they cook and prepare the feast. Brewis leaves to go find a child that fits the supposed description of someone that could be oolahana’s and brands’ chld. Bramos and KArne then run off into the distance.

Brewis returns with, the chld and approaches Yarri, she looks interested and asks the name of the child, Amos, and sends zakiti to retreive the stone. As zakiti does brewis starts to tell Yarri about what Amos likes and his schedule while zakiti is grabbing the stone and then leaving with it with out Yarri knowing. Yarri grabs the child and takes him. Brewis then asks about the stone and as to its location. When Yarri looks back to see where Zakiti is Brewis goes invisible and leaves. Yarri then starts to scream out in anger but stops halfway through as to not scare Amos.

THen then teleport away to Fort Malalia, and work on getting the portal. After the evening of working on the portal they get up to go to Skyclave.


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