He is a bit larger than the average pixie standing at a top height of 1’6”. He has silver hair, solid black eyes, and black wings that are the physical culmination of demonic fey magic. He is an assassin pixie born of the magical energies of vampirism and as such absorbs the life force of his targets. This coincides with the edicts given by his deity Garagos, who has decreed that his followers be covered in the blood of their enemies in the joy of battle.


People of this world always have naïve ideas about the origin of beings that they can’t fully understand. And it is naivety that has led me down a very successful career as an assassin. A flash of black and the sweet embrace of nothingness are all that my targets know in their final moments. Though now that my last job is done I have some time to reflect on my life, for those who decide to pick up my journal, this is just a little taste into how I have become who I am now.

In my village the name of Hoarfrost is reserved of the single pixie of each generation that is created from the vampiric magicks. I was lucky enough to get this title and lineage because the hunting of my prey is the most fun that I could ask for. The thrill of the hunt and the panicked look upon your prey before their demise…, now I understand why animals look so happy when they are hunting. So I guess that even if I didn’t have my name or lineage that I would have still ended up hunting something. And as long as I didn’t go after my fellow pixies then I could stay in the village and was tolerated by my neighbors. Anyway things continued with me hunting small animals until that started to get boring. I then graduated myself to hunting the bigger creatures such as bears and mountain lions. Not only was this prey bigger but they could also fight back. I had to use a bit more tactic and wit to outsmart my targets and go for the kill. However even this started to get boring, so I decided that I would start to look for more challenging foes. Luckily for me there was a plethora of targets at my village just ripe for the taking. I embraced my vampire lineage and embraced the shadows and started to eliminate my fellow villagers one by one in the dead of night.

The sheer thrill and joy given by my villagers! Oh, there has never been a feeling since that night! The rush of endorphins, the warmth of their blood coating my body, oh how I wished that night could go on forever! But alas all things must come to an end even if only temporary.

My need to feel this way led me to travel to an Assassin’s guild and join its ranks. The leaders were rather adamant about keeping me out because of the silly idea that a pixie could ever be taken seriously as an assassin. They quickly changed their minds after I showcased my skills on the leader’s second. So as long as I can sate my hunger of the hunt, I will stay with this group of assassin’s and I don’t have to kill them. Maybe…


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