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Finding the way to Kaug

Oolahana wakes up and screams that a naked man washed up. Content Not Found: rowe scurries up to the fire just after Oolahana starts looking for him. Brandis Jax, while in the hole is given a sleep draught. From there Bramos Stormeye drags Brandis Jax to Oola and ties him on her.

After a brief discussion about Brandis Jax‘s behavior the rest of the group moves on toward Pieren Cove. As they walk in town Bramos Stormeye warns all to be wary of their coin. Upon arriving at the Wench’s Mug, Oolahana straightens up and walks in as if she owns the joint. Oolahana asks the bartender about passage. As she goes to walk out two men block her path and try to push her toward the inns . Oolahana hollers out “big brother” and Bramos Stormeye busts in the door as the entire inn goes quiet. Oolahana heads toward the docks to find a ship. After reading the ship names she talks to the crew of the Princess’ Fortune, he tells her that the Captian won’t be back until morning. He also frequents The Maiden and Flask and goes by the name of Content Not Found: oros. Bramos Stormeye requests the destination. He is told that they are heading to Arbrook. Bramos Stormeye tells Oolahana to request the destinations of the other ships in port.

Bramos Stormeye heads to the The Maiden and Flask to find the captian. Upon entering the Flask the bar quiets down and stares at Bramos Stormeye and Content Not Found: zakiti. As Bramos Stormeye approaches the bar and is basically stonewalled by the barkeep, as he goes on about the leaving of the Brash Tempest. Bramos Stormeye glares down the barkeep. He gives Bramos Stormeye a glass of wine and a key to room 17, at this Bramos Stormeye sits down in a corner. The tavern resumes its normal goings on with the exception of those near Bramos Stormeye and Zakiti.

Meanwhile, Content Not Found: oolhana_ and Kai-Dyn still down at the docks start questioning the other ships in port. They head to The Sea Hag and question for the captain. Oolahana questions the crew as to the location of their travels. After learning that they are not headed to the mainland, she moves on to The Lady’s Wrath. As she questions the crew about location of travel. The crew member questions Oolahana’s motives and goes to announce their presence to the captain. Oolahana is taken to see captain Content Not Found: gylan_. Content Not Found: gylan tells Oolahana that they will be traveling to Londe in 3 days time.

Kai-Dyn leads Oolahana to the Maiden’s Voyage and enters a brothel. After learning that that is not where they want to be. In a stroke of genius Oolahana remembers that Bramos Stormeye was in The Maiden and Flask. She goes into the inn and runs to see Bramos Stormeye. After re-hashing out the prior events Zakiti decides to send his familiar doll to the room where they suspect the captain is. Zakiti hear “recreational procreating” sounds outside the door.

After telling Bramos Stormeye about the captain’s deeds. They agree to wait it out. Oolahana, in the meantime, gets a great idea that Content Not Found: rowe_ is an elf due to the way that he eats his salad (with fork and knife). As she asks Bramos Stormeye about her idea, that Content Not Found: rowe_ is furiously denying. Upon deciding that elves need to frolic, Oolahana has decided that Content Not Found: rowe and Zakiti need to go frolic with her. At this Content Not Found: rowe starts eating slower, not wanting to go frolicking.

With having time to burn, and Content Not Found: rowe_ done eating, Oolahana drags _Content Not Found: rowe and Zakiti out of the bar. When Oolahana makes it back to Oola. What she sees there is a drunken man singing songs to Oola while Brandis Jax dances around under Oola’s glare. Oola then dances and trys to show Zakiti how to frolic. Zakiti refuses to frolic with [:oolahana]].

Content Not Found: oros staggers down to order food but got side tracked by Bramos Stormeye. After a few gambling rounds they agree on 400g a head for leaving on the morrow. Oolahana and Zakiti return to the inn and Oolahana decides that Brandis Jax needs food and Bramos Stormeye orders the worst cut of meat that the inn will offer. He then gives it to Oolahana to take to Brandis Jax. Kai-Dyn accompanies Oolahana to Brandis Jax.

As night falls Zakiti becomes a being of fire and ash and walks into the captains room. 2 of whores run screaming out of the room. The other one, however, goes to arms against the firey being that has entered their room. After threatening Content Not Found: oros_ and the whore, Content Not Found: oros_ tells Content Not Found: sabel, the whore, to stand down. At this Content Not Found: zakiti leaves the room.

Meanwhile, Oolahana takes Brandis Jax his delicious meal. Brandis Jax turns up his nose at the rot that Oolahana has brought him. Oolahana asks if Content Not Found: rowe_ would order food for Brandis Jax and Content Not Found: rowe_ refuses. After Brandis Jax trys to grab Content Not Found: rowe, Oolahana gives him alcohol that he drinks greedily. It turned him into a black sheep.

The next morning, they head back to The Maiden and Flask to find that Content Not Found: oros_ is gone. They find that The Princess’s Fortune is about to make way. Oolahana barters to get onto the ship at 200g a head. Content Not Found: oros_ quickly lowers the gangplank and loads everyone onto the ship. They then make way just as Oola and Bramos Stormeye appear flying over the town. The crew of the The Princess’s Fortune is crying out “Dragon!”, just as Oolahana approaches Content Not Found: oros_ about renegotiating the fee to 150 and her dragon won’t eat him. _Content Not Found: oros realizes that the dragon that is incoming is her mount that she is referring to. At this he pales and agrees to the new agreement just as Bramos Stormeye boards the ship. Oolahana then turns to [:brandis-jax]], the black sheep, and apologizes for not getting a good enough discount. The voyage is quiet for the four days and Oolahana keeps Brandis Jax as a black sheep during the entire voyage. They land in Arbrook and Content Not Found: oros kicks the party off the ship without much ceremony.


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