Satur-Daze Nerds

The Proposition

THey get up the next morning and ready to enter to the portal to meet up with Master Trafalgar. THe party appears and all the townsfolk flee. Doors close, windows shut. Brewis walks up to The Azure Flask and tries to gain entraince. Bramos tries convince Beorhtio to let them in. He tells them to enter in the back Beorhtio lets them in and introduces himself and tells the year here is 1375DR. THey decide to split up, Bramos and Karne go to stable the horses while Zakiti and Brewis head toward the upper teirs. torn, tempus and bane, and one other as well as the mages. Bramos and Karne go and talk to shopkeeps to find out about Trafalgar’s locataton, he learns about the same 3 that are known. they go to torn’s and ask about bane and torn’s location. this infuriates the torn preists and then went to bane’s temple and asked as to why Trafalgar would be talking to both Torn and Bane. THis confuses the baniacs and they request more information from Bramos. They retire back to the inn and wait for a couple of nights. On the noon of the 2nd day Trafalgar walks in and greets Bramos. They spend quiet a bit of time discussing what Bramos has been doing. Bramos then introduces the party to Trafalger. Trafalgar then propeses the invasion by select means and refuses to name his employer to fBramos until Bramos hs agreed to asisst him. Trafalgar takes his leave to let the party decide.

As they are talking and disputing what to do Zakiti’s light goes out and Zakiti falls to the floor. they take zakiti toward the mage’s guild. There they take a look at him and decide that this is incrediably arcane enchanted. After serveral attempts to reseccitate him. Then finally the take a hammer to the middle of his chest and he wakes up. Bramos meanwhile checks in on Mishan who was sick outside. When Bramos gets back Zakiti is awake and doesn remember what happened or was decided. While they are talking Trafalgar walks into the inn screaming “Bramos!!!!” and after a heated dispute between them. it ended with Trafalgar walking out and disowning Bramos.

Fixing the Portal

Valda, the teifling,. The group decides to teleport to Mernor, but first they need to collect Karne Ironfist. Brewis Tumblebelly runs to the nearest apothecary shop to get a motion tea. Zakiti follows, after [[:bramos is kicked out of the mage’s tower. Brewis Tumblebelly takes a look around town to get some information about the Anepin flower. Brewis Tumblebelly learns that the flower only blooms for 3 days and is highly sought after. The flower is only useful during thee 3 days when it is blooming. Brewis Tumblebelly sends a letter to [[:bramos and then jumps a cart to find the flower. During the night when Zakiti is keeping watch, Brewis Tumblebelly walks up and says that his caravan is only a couple of hours ahead of them, he then stabs Zakiti while talking to him. Zakiti stirs [[:bramos and Karne Ironfist. They see nothing and after several minutes after asking Zakiti if he was sure that saw anything. The next night Brewis Tumblebelly attacked Karne Ironfist before vanishing into the shadows again. A few moments later Brewis Tumblebelly appeared to the others and they requested that he drop his weapons. Brewis Tumblebelly not understanding why obliged. Then the Brewis Tumblebelly figure lept out of the shadows again and stabbed Karne Ironfist again. The brewis look-a-like had Tiamat’s symbol on him as he continued attacking Karne Ironfist.

The next morning they went to find the Anepin flower. When they got over the dunes there was a rolling feild of flowers before the land changed to sand, then to sea. It was there that they saw the houses of the koa-toa. While searching the area one of the koa-toa sounded the alarm and started to attack them. After fighting with the koa-toa for a little bit, Mishan found the flower and they promptly dimensioned doored them away from the seige of koa-toa. Upon finding themselves in a safe location they then linked portal to Sendrassil.

They found themselves in the mage’s tower of Sendrassil. One of the stewards of the mage portal noticed Bramos and welcomed him to the city and then inquired to Weego‘s health and whereabouts. Bramos respectfully answered the questions. They then exited the Arcane University onto the Eladrin tier. They decieded to head to the Jeweler’s to see if he knew anything about the Cawic stone that they were searching for. He did not but was very interested in Zakiti . Bramos then inquired about use of the lift to the dwarven tier. The shopkeep offered his lift to Bramos for whenever he was in need of it. Upon exiting in the dwarven tier. Bramos and Karne Ironfist started having weird conversations about “Robinhud”. They then headed toward Ren’s to see how his endevor was faring.

While ren is looking for some more info on the cawic stone, bramos, brewis, and karne decide to go looking into the health of the family maansiir, Zikiti, meanwhile decided to stay in the dwarven disctrict and look into the strange air that is in the area and affecting his freinds. He casted a spell to find the source of the strange air. He found that the most concentrated air seemed to be near an ornate door that seems to be closed off. Zakiti sat in front of the door and decieded to cast hand of the mage to gain some knowledge, from this. He felt that there is a corruption of a center stone in the mesa. After this he went into a bar that was near by to gain some informatin on what had been happening with that stone. He was told tha it was called "calon carreeg” or the heart stone in the common tongue.

The others made their way up to Vasilily’s house to see if had been back by since they last saw him. They

THen they decided to go out to see if Yarri had the cawic stone in her hoarde. Zakiti went in to negotiate and see if she had the cawic stone in her posesstion. Yarri sees that this stone is both humanoid and stone. Yarri sees that he is decidedly hers. Brewis goes in to talkt with Yarri and see if he can bargin with Yarri. Brewis hints that he knows where Oolahana and Brandis’ child. Yarri agrees that sh will trade the cawic stone and zakiti for oolahana’s child. Brewis decides that the best way to solve this is to find an orphan to trade off as the child. Bramos and Karne decide to prepare a feast for her. After several hours of hunting they cook and prepare the feast. Brewis leaves to go find a child that fits the supposed description of someone that could be oolahana’s and brands’ chld. Bramos and KArne then run off into the distance.

Brewis returns with, the chld and approaches Yarri, she looks interested and asks the name of the child, Amos, and sends zakiti to retreive the stone. As zakiti does brewis starts to tell Yarri about what Amos likes and his schedule while zakiti is grabbing the stone and then leaving with it with out Yarri knowing. Yarri grabs the child and takes him. Brewis then asks about the stone and as to its location. When Yarri looks back to see where Zakiti is Brewis goes invisible and leaves. Yarri then starts to scream out in anger but stops halfway through as to not scare Amos.

THen then teleport away to Fort Malalia, and work on getting the portal. After the evening of working on the portal they get up to go to Skyclave.


Bramos Stormeye and Zakiti stop in Ranske for a couple of days. At the gate they are greeted by 2 humans that greet bramos by name. Bramos questions the humans and is suspicious at their greeting. bramos-stormeye follows them to an inn and the humans suggest that they rest until M’lord Brewis Tumblebelly is ready to see them. After several hours a human comes the door. bramos answers the door to 4 people. 3 of them humans and 1 halfling, all wearing lucky rabbits feet. Brewis welcomes bramos to the city and introduces himself. Gery is the human that they will be speaking to Brewis Tumblebelly through. They are taken north of the city and outfitted in the finest gear. Bramos takes a jog around the city and take an interest in the Tiamat temple that is largely abandoned but still kept up. He then is questioned by a helmed man as to bramos’ interest in the temple. He then introduces himself as Karne Ironfist. Karne Ironfist then invites himself to join bramos due to bramos’ ability to find trouble. As Karne Ironfist walks away bramos sees that someone is following Karne Ironfist. He then suspects that he might be being followed. So then bramos takes off at a run back to the inn.

The next morning bramos finds that Brewis Tumblebelly has a crew of 15 to escort them out of town. Karne Ironfist arrives on a Pegasus. They are led to the north of town when brewis pulls out a jade statuette. He places it on the ground and says “fly”, nothing happens, he then says “please fly” and again nothing happens. Zakiti does an arcana check so see what it is. It seems to be new magic. Brewis then presses a switch and it grow into a jade winged horse. They fly for the day and while they are camping for the night. brewis asks about Karne Ironfist‘s abandonment. Karne Ironfist states that you would leave too if you were chasing a bard around a mountain for 6 weeks! Brewis pulls out an agreement of espionage to the Dead Rabbits. Brewis Tumblebelly then tell [[:bramos]] of Weego’s path to working in the 9 levels of hell. They take off the next morning.

They land at the Brash Tempest only to find it looted and graffiti ed, Mishan asks if this was what he was so proud of. Bramos states that it was not this way when he left it. The whole party then helps to clean up some of the temple. Bramos decides that Mishan cant stay here alone. Zakiti then asks if [[:ingos‘s family was along the same line of thinking as [[:ingos. Brewis Tumblebelly finds some letters to [[:bramos. Bramos then goes into the master’s study to read the letters. The first letter is from Raunnoth. It states that Raunnoth would like assistance in aiding Bushras during the coupe. The next letter is from Mahal. He states that the portal is operational and they are having issues detcting specific locations, but travel is possible. The last letter is from Trafalger. He commends Bramos in his triumph in Xemere and asks that Bramos aid him his current contract. If Bramos wishes to aid him please meet him Forgotten Realms in the Skyclave in the Festival of the Moon.

Bramos tells the party that he plans on heading to Bearatol to use the portal to get to the Forgotten Realms. Bramos states that they will have to fly to Bearatol, Zakiti then says that he can portal them to Serti. Mishan then says that she will be accompanyingbramos,, but that he needs to mark her. They play a game of go and then tests her katas. He then decides that she is ready and takes her into the ink vault and gives her her mark. Mishan screams out in pain and Zakiti thinks that they are “recreational noises”. While bramos was marking Mishan, Brewis Tumblebelly has gained people to assist and watch over the temple. Zakiti says that the portal is ready whenever they are. Mishan states that she will not be left behind.

They then portal to Serati in the mage’s guild. They get into Sereti and discuss the manner of getting a ship. Brewis Tumblebelly suggests that they just pay for a slew. Brewis Tumblebelly finds a decent ship that will be willing to ferry them over. Fort Malalia is growing into a very nice city, Mahal, Cookie, and Dwarfee invite bramos. Cookie then invite bramos into sit with them. Bramos tells what he knows of the old parties where abouts. He regains the tale the siege of Shyine. They then discuss the ability of the portal. It seems to be lacking a directional pointing. Sometimes it seems to be bi-directional but not always. Zakiti takes a look at the portal and starts fiddling with it. Brewis Tumblebelly calls in a friend to assist with the portal. She is a teifling that is a good friend. She walks into the portal room unbeknownst to Zakiti. Then she speaks up when Zakiti tries to move something and tells him not to.

Meanwhile Karne Ironfist is looking around the city for information on Tiamat. He hears that some of Tiamats followers have snuck through the portal to wreak havoc on any planes that they can get to.


When the party reaches Arbrook, bramos and oolahana decide that oola needs to meet them on the south side. Just then kiti then decides he needs to kill unsealie, he then introduces himself as Alberic, a sealie fey. As bramos and oolahana are talking to alberia, rowe is growing more and more angry. brandis hollers out “boring” at this oolahana turns around excited to see brandis. Head into town and a woman runs screaming at brandis, crying into his chest. branids convinces the lady that she needs to talk to oolahana. bramos suggests somewhere quiet to speak. she drags oolahana down a allyway to to the poorer section of town and drags oolahana into a smalll house. she introduces herself as Jillian, she wishes to receive justice from the whisper knife. In coming deep sob story…. children taken shipped south to work in the farmlands of the towns. trying to buy back the children. husband not returned. received a small box with scalp of hair and 2 ears. Winfre, Hany, Annan are the children, they are eladrin and 10,12,16.

brandis buys a boat to go upstream to edoblib then kagate

Galdora introduces himself to the party and informs the party that he knows of the time diference. galdora glances at rowe in confusion. this leads to much confusion when she introduces rowe as “big brother rowe”. they have a confersation about the treaty and tenuos relationship. they finish the rest of the trip without much problem.

Edoblib: Albric trys to assist brandis in soothing his tattoo. Brandis is adimant that they need to move on to Kagate. oolahana then blows mute potion on brandis. she then tries to put another potion on him but brandis dodges out of teads the way.

Bramos reports to the castle with kai-dyn. they head into the throne room where quennithar is sitting on the throne. she introduces ingos to bramos. southern lands have united. moonshadow’s summoned to assist. terat has an amry that is sweeping across the south. emperor is dying and their army is in shambles. The sons are not taking lead but. There is, however, an issue about a “bard” that seems to be an issue. bramos suggests getting a large recruitment system set up. Bramos suggests heading xiv. bramos also suggests that they send some guards to kagate. the queen sees the wisdom behind sending some to kagate to figure out the truth behind the missing children to sway the hearts of the small people.

Zakiti stays with oolahana in her search for clues about the missing children. She heads into the unicorn’s hall. she approaches the bar keep and wants an apple juice and information. Upon not receiving much more information than the fact that it is common for those that borrow money and cannot pay. The bar keep knows of no one that is a loan shark.

Zakiti heads to the castle requesting to see bramos but is not allowed in.

Ships in port: The Laughing Maiden, The Seawolf, the blade of Westead,

Finding the way to Kaug

Oolahana wakes up and screams that a naked man washed up. Content Not Found: rowe scurries up to the fire just after Oolahana starts looking for him. Brandis Jax, while in the hole is given a sleep draught. From there Bramos Stormeye drags Brandis Jax to Oola and ties him on her.

After a brief discussion about Brandis Jax‘s behavior the rest of the group moves on toward Pieren Cove. As they walk in town Bramos Stormeye warns all to be wary of their coin. Upon arriving at the Wench’s Mug, Oolahana straightens up and walks in as if she owns the joint. Oolahana asks the bartender about passage. As she goes to walk out two men block her path and try to push her toward the inns . Oolahana hollers out “big brother” and Bramos Stormeye busts in the door as the entire inn goes quiet. Oolahana heads toward the docks to find a ship. After reading the ship names she talks to the crew of the Princess’ Fortune, he tells her that the Captian won’t be back until morning. He also frequents The Maiden and Flask and goes by the name of Content Not Found: oros. Bramos Stormeye requests the destination. He is told that they are heading to Arbrook. Bramos Stormeye tells Oolahana to request the destinations of the other ships in port.

Bramos Stormeye heads to the The Maiden and Flask to find the captian. Upon entering the Flask the bar quiets down and stares at Bramos Stormeye and Content Not Found: zakiti. As Bramos Stormeye approaches the bar and is basically stonewalled by the barkeep, as he goes on about the leaving of the Brash Tempest. Bramos Stormeye glares down the barkeep. He gives Bramos Stormeye a glass of wine and a key to room 17, at this Bramos Stormeye sits down in a corner. The tavern resumes its normal goings on with the exception of those near Bramos Stormeye and Zakiti.

Meanwhile, Content Not Found: oolhana_ and Kai-Dyn still down at the docks start questioning the other ships in port. They head to The Sea Hag and question for the captain. Oolahana questions the crew as to the location of their travels. After learning that they are not headed to the mainland, she moves on to The Lady’s Wrath. As she questions the crew about location of travel. The crew member questions Oolahana’s motives and goes to announce their presence to the captain. Oolahana is taken to see captain Content Not Found: gylan_. Content Not Found: gylan tells Oolahana that they will be traveling to Londe in 3 days time.

Kai-Dyn leads Oolahana to the Maiden’s Voyage and enters a brothel. After learning that that is not where they want to be. In a stroke of genius Oolahana remembers that Bramos Stormeye was in The Maiden and Flask. She goes into the inn and runs to see Bramos Stormeye. After re-hashing out the prior events Zakiti decides to send his familiar doll to the room where they suspect the captain is. Zakiti hear “recreational procreating” sounds outside the door.

After telling Bramos Stormeye about the captain’s deeds. They agree to wait it out. Oolahana, in the meantime, gets a great idea that Content Not Found: rowe_ is an elf due to the way that he eats his salad (with fork and knife). As she asks Bramos Stormeye about her idea, that Content Not Found: rowe_ is furiously denying. Upon deciding that elves need to frolic, Oolahana has decided that Content Not Found: rowe and Zakiti need to go frolic with her. At this Content Not Found: rowe starts eating slower, not wanting to go frolicking.

With having time to burn, and Content Not Found: rowe_ done eating, Oolahana drags _Content Not Found: rowe and Zakiti out of the bar. When Oolahana makes it back to Oola. What she sees there is a drunken man singing songs to Oola while Brandis Jax dances around under Oola’s glare. Oola then dances and trys to show Zakiti how to frolic. Zakiti refuses to frolic with [:oolahana]].

Content Not Found: oros staggers down to order food but got side tracked by Bramos Stormeye. After a few gambling rounds they agree on 400g a head for leaving on the morrow. Oolahana and Zakiti return to the inn and Oolahana decides that Brandis Jax needs food and Bramos Stormeye orders the worst cut of meat that the inn will offer. He then gives it to Oolahana to take to Brandis Jax. Kai-Dyn accompanies Oolahana to Brandis Jax.

As night falls Zakiti becomes a being of fire and ash and walks into the captains room. 2 of whores run screaming out of the room. The other one, however, goes to arms against the firey being that has entered their room. After threatening Content Not Found: oros_ and the whore, Content Not Found: oros_ tells Content Not Found: sabel, the whore, to stand down. At this Content Not Found: zakiti leaves the room.

Meanwhile, Oolahana takes Brandis Jax his delicious meal. Brandis Jax turns up his nose at the rot that Oolahana has brought him. Oolahana asks if Content Not Found: rowe_ would order food for Brandis Jax and Content Not Found: rowe_ refuses. After Brandis Jax trys to grab Content Not Found: rowe, Oolahana gives him alcohol that he drinks greedily. It turned him into a black sheep.

The next morning, they head back to The Maiden and Flask to find that Content Not Found: oros_ is gone. They find that The Princess’s Fortune is about to make way. Oolahana barters to get onto the ship at 200g a head. Content Not Found: oros_ quickly lowers the gangplank and loads everyone onto the ship. They then make way just as Oola and Bramos Stormeye appear flying over the town. The crew of the The Princess’s Fortune is crying out “Dragon!”, just as Oolahana approaches Content Not Found: oros_ about renegotiating the fee to 150 and her dragon won’t eat him. _Content Not Found: oros realizes that the dragon that is incoming is her mount that she is referring to. At this he pales and agrees to the new agreement just as Bramos Stormeye boards the ship. Oolahana then turns to [:brandis-jax]], the black sheep, and apologizes for not getting a good enough discount. The voyage is quiet for the four days and Oolahana keeps Brandis Jax as a black sheep during the entire voyage. They land in Arbrook and Content Not Found: oros kicks the party off the ship without much ceremony.

A Crash Course

Knowing that their mounts were tiring they flew towards the land in the distance. Upon approaching the coast they saw a circle of humanoids. They approached, still looking for their companions, warily. Kai-Dyn spotted two humanoids in the middle of the circle. Bramos called out to the fey making the circle. One called back and told Bramos and Kai-Dyn to leave them alone, as they were conducting business. Bramos declined saying that those were his allies and that he needed to check as to their safety. The fey declined stating that they needed to question “the elf”. Bramos, realizing why they were interested in Oolahana told them that she was not a harm and would not be breaking any laws of the Winter Court or the truce that was made between the Winter and Summer Courts many of years ago. In response the fey allotted that she had not done anything wrong yet but that she would be watched. He handed Bramos a lizard that would be the Winter Court’s eyes and ears for the duration of their stay in Shyine.Bramos revived Oolahana and then Brandis Jax. While Bramos was reviving that others Kai-Dyn decided to go scout the coast. He had seen a faint glowing in the distance. When he approached the glow he saw the sand around the source of light was starting to consolidate and change form. Zakiti appeared afterward to be the source of the glow. As Bramos, went to go heal Brandis Jax, [[:oolahana inquired as to what had happened. Bramos explained that the ship had gone down and that he and Kai-Dyn had been searching for them. At that point Oolahana noticed the lizard that was perched on Bramos‘s shoulder. Bramos held it out to her and said that it was a new friend that wanted to know of her nature. He rarely speaks, but when he does it is in High Elven. Oolahana asked his name and Bramos translated the lizard’s response of Anduin. Oolahana took several times of trying to pronounce the High Elven name and after such time Anduin told Bramos that she could call him Rowe.

After Bramos healed Brandis Jax; Brandis Jax immediately charged at Kai-Dyn who had just returned from scouting out the coast with Zakiti. Kai-Dyn nimbly jumped out of the way, repeatedly. Soon after Brandis Jax resorted to throwing knives at Kai-Dyn. One of the knives, missing Kai-Dyn hit Zakiti, who immediately turned to Brandis Jax and attacked him with lightening that, of course terrorfied Oolahana. Oolahana yelled sharply at Brandis Jax and halted his attacks. Kai-Dyn at that point started to dig a hole to hold Brandis Jax. They then settled down for the night with the plan to travel to Pieren Cove in the morning.

The March to Draq

The easiest way for Wilhorn to route the army is to cut through the Anuzur Mountians and from there straight across to Draq.

Serachis Tourney

A tourney has been held to name the champion. Our heroes fight valiantly against Adan the deva knight. Paine, an Eladrin paladin, and Thar, a Goliath rager.After easily taking on Adan and Paine the heroes start playing with the disqualifying tactic of pushing their opponents out of the arena. Ssark, and his band of trolls were the last to face Wilhorn. Using various tricks and bribes they manage to get two disqualified. Upon seeing this SSark commanded that a bull rush attempt be made against the healer. Vaenthal was push out of the ring and no longer allowed to assist his party. When all seemed lost Wilhorn invoked the power of Kord and terrified Thar into submission. Wilhorn was named victor and is troop will be the champions for Content Not Found: jozeg. upon studying the maps Wilhorn declared that they would head to Lual to take out the competition. From there Wilhorn plans on collapsing the rest of the armies into his and marching to the capital.

Paragon Training

The party has leveled into Paragon. They will each put a post up about what their character does for their training into the Paragon levels.


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