Greedy Red Dragon.


Of course, they are mine.

I am old and my horde is large. Insufficient, but large. I have several things of great beauty here, but my two most valuable pieces are a pair of elves. They are mine. More mine than my own children, as mine as the scales on my back. More mine than even those, for if I lose a scale, it does not return.

These do.

Subir has been returning for longer than my children have been alive. I am very grateful to my own insight for not killing him when he first intruded upon me. He does not return out of fear – he is not that stupid, nor cunning – he is not that wise. He returns because he is mine, and he knows it.

Oolahana is missing. She has been kidnapped twice, once by the fools at the Council and once by my own son. I would have killed him myself had not some adventurers beaten me to it. A waste of horde that was, too. But in her absence, she collected another one for me – a human. I tried to strike a deal with him, but the little fool refused to see reason.

It makes no difference. He is mine. One day my Oolahana will return, and she will bring the human with her. Perhaps more, if I am patient. The human will come for the same reason she does, and the same reason Subir does. Ah, my first collected. He may be the only one who knows why he returns.

It is because they are mine.


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