Elf of the Grove


Orphaned at age 9 1/2, Subir found Oolahana’s mother and led her to The Grove. When she died in childbirth, Subir named and helped raise Oolahana.

About 5 years later, he met a bored red dragon named Yarri. She used him for entertainment while keeping her eggs warm, and allowed him to help her raise the hatchlings. Yarri also decided that Subir and Oolahana were hers, living parts of her horde, and encouraged young Subir to fall in love with Oolahana so they could bear children, increasing the number of living being she counts as her own.

She was successful, but along the way Subir began to understand that Yarri was using him. Since she is too dangerous to defy, he accepts this, but has no qualms about using her in return. He regards Yarri as a powerful but untrustworthy ally.

Subir’s dream was to become a Thorn of the Blackberry and marry Oolahana. When he learned that the Council was partly responsible for Oolahana‘s abduction, he left the Grove in search of her. He reluctantly agreed to leave Oolahana in the party’s care, and now is working with the Sons of the Horned God.


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