The Hamadryad Pacifist Healer


Oolahana’s story really starts with Subir.

Subir, the Eladrin was only 9 1/2 when his parents died, leaving him with an aunt who brought him to The Grove. She became a hamadryad, but the tree she chose was sickly and when it died, so did she. Subir was outside the Grove, hiding his grief, when he heard a woman’s screams.

It was an elf, running from some dire wolves. The animals had already killed her husband, and she was wounded but fleeing to save her unborn child. Subir led her back to the Grove. The child was born a few days later, but she was sickly. The mother did not survive.

After having seen so much death, Subir refused to let the child die. He found the strongest oak tree in the area and demanded that the baby be bonded to it. So the infant elf became a hamadryad. Subir named her Oolahana, “rose without thorns.” The community raised them both. The human healer Althea taught Oolahana healing magic, and Subir bought her a cherished set of chain mail.

Unknown to the other inhabitants, Subir and Oolahana befriended Yarri, a red dragon who considered them to be a living part of her horde. The two helped Yarri raise her own children, Oola and Rohir. Rohir took after his mother, but Oola prefers the life of a bard, keeping her collection of songs and stories as a horde.

Oolahana was kidnapped by what appeared to be myconids. She began traveling with the party that rescued her, and stayed with them primarily to help teach “poor little brother” Brandis Jax. When he slipped away from her one night, she had a special leash and collar made to bind him to her at all times. Perhaps predictably, they fell in love, and Oolahana began to learn and embrace some of her darker desires. The leash now allows them to feel each other’s emotions and occasionally grab a burst of energy from the other.

Oolahana is still ditzy, oblivious and pacifistic, but she is becoming capable of diplomacy, manipulation and the occasional untruth. She also accepts violence better than she once did. She serves Peylor but doesn’t go on about it. She does not need to eat (she does need sunlight) but enjoys food, especially apples.


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