Young red dragon raised by Oolahana. Thinks she's a bard.


Oola stayed with the party at Subir’s request. She serves as a mount but will not join the fight unless Oolahana goes down. This has happened one time: against a kudzu elemental.


I heard a song so long ago
The exact tune I do not know
But the song existed just to show
That bards are never gossips.
I would sing it if it I knew
But still I doubt the song is true
If you know just what to do
Then bards are sometimes gossips.
If you would know, then heed me
You have to pay the singer’s fee
A piece of gold (or two, or three)
And bards are always gossips.

Oola’s first memory was a blond hamadryad hugging her around the neck. Since then, Oolahana has taught her to be gentle and pacifistic. Oola is carnivorous, but will not eat sentient life (anything that sings). Instead of a traditional horde, she collects songs, and will frequently ask startled passerby if they know any new ones. Having grown up around the Grove, she called humanoids “elfinoids.”

Oola is far less naive than her namesake, and respects the party for helping Oolahana mature. For this reason she serves as a last resort fighter, joining battle only if Oolahana starts to die. She sees the party as Oolahana’s best chance of understanding Yarri’s true intentions. She believes Yarri would never harm Oolahana, but also understands that Oolahana’s best chance of a free life is to not have contact with the dragon again. In the meantime, if the little hamadryad can just get smart enough, perhaps she’ll understand what’s really at stake if/when the rematch occurs.

She still hasn’t made up her mind about Brandis.


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