Mali Silverstout

Dwarf Shaman


Barrelwalker and wife of Baer Silverstout.


Mali Runningale helped her parents with their tavern for many years. A beginning barrelwalker, she messed up one day and found herself with an odd crew of adventurers, searching for a mysterious being known as [[:baer[[. One in particular was convinced that if Mali wore a skirt, walked up and smacked Baer Silverstout, he would marry her and neutralize the threat he was. Baer Silverstout apparently destroyed a village. Mali opposed this idea.

They indeed found Baer Silverstout, an accomplished wizard living alone on the island of Bearatol. When he ignored her, she smacked him to get his attention. He immediately accepted her proposal of marriage. To her great surprise, Mali was happy to marry such a powerful man.

Mali Silverstout

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