Bramos Stormeye

Dragonborn Warlord


Bramos Stormeye is The only current disciple of The Brash Tempest school of military leadership. He was adopted as an infant by one of last remaining masters of that school, Master Trafalgar, who trained Bramos to be the heir of the school. For 15 years Trafalgar trained Bramos in strategy, tactics, history and leadership, he took Bramos to observe almost every major battle that occured in Karmerzt. When Bramos came to be 16 (or as on the day he and Trafalgar celebrate it) Trafalgar graduated Bramos from an apprentice to a disciple of the Brash Tempest School and gave him the storm tattoos denoting that. The next day Trafalgar left the school with nary a word to Bramos only leaving him his Obsidian Warhorse Aurelius and a note saying to continue his training and that he would be back in a couple of months. 5 months pass and Trafalgar never returned, so Bramos decided that the only way he would find his master and further his training was to venture out into the world. Not having a map he quickly became lost and wandered around for a month before arriving in the city of Gesaetai in the kingdom of Bajir, where he arrived broke and starving.


Bramos Stormeye

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