Satur-Daze Nerds

The Story Thus Far

The group met up in a tavern Gesaetai. They traveled to Sendrassil to with Ren through an ancient tunnel. While heading through the tunnel they rested at the remains of a dwarven inn. Inside they out the confused Oolahana of The Grove in a barrel, with no idea how she got there. On the was up they got poisoned be a mysterious mist that surrounded the base of the mesa. The healer said that they would need the poison breath sack of a green dragon to make the remedy. They cut off the head and brought it back to her. Then they set off to find the trade prince’s daughter that was missing.

They traveled toward Midnoren. Just before Midnoren they located the caravan and saw the girl Elanas Maansiir standing beside the turned over caravan, surrounded by Xivort. As the party went to go free her she stabbed Brandis Jax with the dagger that he had given her to defend herself. Upon realizing that she was a changeling they interrogated her as to the location of the real Elanas Maansiir. Vasiliy noticed that the majority of the tracks lead to the south. They followed them and came across Midnoren, which was ransacked and empty. After fighting off those that were guarding Midnoren looking for stragglers they heard whimpering from a locked chest. Ater picking the lock they found the only resident left of Midnoren, Emme. Vasiliy still noted that the trail lead further south and Emme stated that she had an “Uncle” in Gargantun.

As they reached Gargantun, after only getting a little lost, they walked the ramp into Gargantun. They went to the stables to rest their Riding Lizards but there were Drueger attending the stables. After settling down their Riding Lizards they proceeded up the ramp to Gargantun only to find the gates closed and barred. Upon questioning the guard they where informed of the sieges that had been occurring. With the promise to defend the town they were allowed in. Outside the inn they heard thumping coming from a crate. With weapons readied they opened the crate only to find the dear trade princess Elanas Maansiir. Bramos Stormeye assisted Emme to her “Uncle’s”, the jeweler.

The next morning, after not much sleep from Bramos Stormeye, due to many disturbances in the night, he went down to have breakfast before his morning training. it was there that he heard from the whispers that a red dragon had swept through town. But it was very odd as it did not take anything but a fair maiden that happened to be walking down the street at the just the wrong moment. At this point Bramos Stormeye overhead an eladrin asking for more information about the dragon attack. The elandrin was Subir of The Grove, trying to find Oolahana.

Subir revealed that he and two red dragons were looking for the hamadryad in order to bring her home. But Oolahana was missing, having been taken by the other dragon. Brandis Jax was also missing. He told Bramos Stormeye that he worked alone and left by himself to go find Oolahana.

The group discovered a shortcut back to Sendrassil that skirted the edge of the Underdark and delivered Elanas Maansiir back to her father. Then they journeyed to Rohir’s horde in order to rescue Oolahana.

Meanwhile, Brandis Jax left Midnoren and traveled by gryphon to Goltuga hoping to glean more information about the whereabouts of red dragons in the area. There he was pointed to a mountianous area to the east of Sendrassil. After spending a week climbing the mountains Brandis Jax found a cave. He snuck into the cave and waited for the dragon to come back. The Caegina Hills near Sendrassil were where all three dragons made their roost. Subir showed the others where Rohir’s cave in hope of getting to Oolahana. They all reached the cave and found Rohir sitting happily on his hoard of gems and coins, upon seeing the party, Rohir attacked. Subir and the others fought Rohir and killed him. Vasiliy smelt around for Oolahana and found her laying in a back cavern within the cave. She looked very sickly and green, for being part plant, she needed sunlight. Bramos pulled Oolahana out of the cave and into the sunlight at the nearby pool. There Oolahana seemed to regain some of her strength.


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