Satur-Daze Nerds

The Proposition

THey get up the next morning and ready to enter to the portal to meet up with Master Trafalgar. THe party appears and all the townsfolk flee. Doors close, windows shut. Brewis walks up to The Azure Flask and tries to gain entraince. Bramos tries convince Beorhtio to let them in. He tells them to enter in the back Beorhtio lets them in and introduces himself and tells the year here is 1375DR. THey decide to split up, Bramos and Karne go to stable the horses while Zakiti and Brewis head toward the upper teirs. torn, tempus and bane, and one other as well as the mages. Bramos and Karne go and talk to shopkeeps to find out about Trafalgar’s locataton, he learns about the same 3 that are known. they go to torn’s and ask about bane and torn’s location. this infuriates the torn preists and then went to bane’s temple and asked as to why Trafalgar would be talking to both Torn and Bane. THis confuses the baniacs and they request more information from Bramos. They retire back to the inn and wait for a couple of nights. On the noon of the 2nd day Trafalgar walks in and greets Bramos. They spend quiet a bit of time discussing what Bramos has been doing. Bramos then introduces the party to Trafalger. Trafalgar then propeses the invasion by select means and refuses to name his employer to fBramos until Bramos hs agreed to asisst him. Trafalgar takes his leave to let the party decide.

As they are talking and disputing what to do Zakiti’s light goes out and Zakiti falls to the floor. they take zakiti toward the mage’s guild. There they take a look at him and decide that this is incrediably arcane enchanted. After serveral attempts to reseccitate him. Then finally the take a hammer to the middle of his chest and he wakes up. Bramos meanwhile checks in on Mishan who was sick outside. When Bramos gets back Zakiti is awake and doesn remember what happened or was decided. While they are talking Trafalgar walks into the inn screaming “Bramos!!!!” and after a heated dispute between them. it ended with Trafalgar walking out and disowning Bramos.


EllieHale EllieHale

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