Satur-Daze Nerds

The Battle for Petora Isles

The party met up with the armies that they had been given on Bearatol. After gathering the armies and giving siege instructions the party left on their own dangerous mission.

Searched the temple of Kirigori. In the throne room Brandis Jax finds a lever on the back of the throne that leads into Kirigori’s nest. In the nest Brandis Jax finds “Play Neogi” that has certain pages marked and creased. Brandis Jax has decided that there us secret messages in the texts. The volumes range from 43-126. Bramos Stormeye has found another room in the nest room that leads to a room that is completely decorated in hamadryad. It has pictures of The Grove as well as Oolahana and Subir. Oolahana has decided that she needs to immediately travel to The Grove to make sure that it has not been attacked. Oolahana and Brandis Jax are flying Oola to The Grove. On the way to the The Grove Brandis Jax stops in Goltuga. When they get there he goes to the orphanage and tells the Masters that he will be sending money and help their way.
Then he goes to his old house and rifles through his stuff and draws an ancient jeweled dagger.

Bramos Stormeye and Kai-Dyn settle in the former slaves into Fort Malalia much to Baer Silverstout’s schigrin. Bramos Stormeye and [Kai-Dyn are deciding to build a portal and and a device to detect inter-planar travelers. Bramos Stormeye has found a way to barter the “rent” of the island for a mere sum of fish… A man by the name of Of Course offers the use of oopsie wax. He will teach Mali Silverstout how to make it. While out on a fishing trip to gain squid ink Of Course was eaten by a shark before telling Mali Silverstout the last ingredient for the oopsi wax. Mali Silverstout determined to find the rest of the recipe decideds to barrel walk to find someone that can teach her to how to make it and save the island of Bearatol.

In the meantime, Brandis Jax and Oolahana reach The Grove only to find that the town is just fine. The guard at the entrance has no idea who she is. She asks to see the captain and when he arrived he is shocked to see Oolahana. After questioning her presence and Brandis Jax. Johnson is sent off to Sendrassil to speak with the Sons of the Horned God. Bill, Ted, Mercury, Flower Leaf are assigned to watch Brandis Jax and Oolahana. Oolahana shows Brandis Jax her tree. They go to Althea‘s hut to speak with her before leaving The Grove. In Althea’s hut Oolahana is asked to talk to Brandis Jax. Oolahana with no questions gives Althea the leash and walks out. Althea and Brandis Jax have a serious talk before calling Oolahana back in. On the way out the door Brandis Jax tips a potion bottle on the floor and the hut. The window explodes out and Brandis Jax starts floating in the air. Bill slapped Brandis Jax while Mercury whistles and the whole town starts to decorate Brandis Jax. Althea walks out and and gives Oolahana several potions to “aid” in “training” her human. After a while of walking Brandis Jax asks where they are going. Mercury and the Thorn of the Blackberrys. Oolahana promptly answers “to ”wiki-content-link-not-found">_Content Not Found: yari_‘s". Brandis Jax blanches. They argue for a while about it. When they reach the entance to that cave Oolahana calls out to Content Not Found: yari’s and walks right on in.


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