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Serachis Tourney

A tourney has been held to name the champion. Our heroes fight valiantly against Adan the deva knight. Paine, an Eladrin paladin, and Thar, a Goliath rager.After easily taking on Adan and Paine the heroes start playing with the disqualifying tactic of pushing their opponents out of the arena. Ssark, and his band of trolls were the last to face Wilhorn. Using various tricks and bribes they manage to get two disqualified. Upon seeing this SSark commanded that a bull rush attempt be made against the healer. Vaenthal was push out of the ring and no longer allowed to assist his party. When all seemed lost Wilhorn invoked the power of Kord and terrified Thar into submission. Wilhorn was named victor and is troop will be the champions for Content Not Found: jozeg. upon studying the maps Wilhorn declared that they would head to Lual to take out the competition. From there Wilhorn plans on collapsing the rest of the armies into his and marching to the capital.


EllieHale EllieHale

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