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Bramos Stormeye and Zakiti stop in Ranske for a couple of days. At the gate they are greeted by 2 humans that greet bramos by name. Bramos questions the humans and is suspicious at their greeting. bramos-stormeye follows them to an inn and the humans suggest that they rest until M’lord Brewis Tumblebelly is ready to see them. After several hours a human comes the door. bramos answers the door to 4 people. 3 of them humans and 1 halfling, all wearing lucky rabbits feet. Brewis welcomes bramos to the city and introduces himself. Gery is the human that they will be speaking to Brewis Tumblebelly through. They are taken north of the city and outfitted in the finest gear. Bramos takes a jog around the city and take an interest in the Tiamat temple that is largely abandoned but still kept up. He then is questioned by a helmed man as to bramos’ interest in the temple. He then introduces himself as Karne Ironfist. Karne Ironfist then invites himself to join bramos due to bramos’ ability to find trouble. As Karne Ironfist walks away bramos sees that someone is following Karne Ironfist. He then suspects that he might be being followed. So then bramos takes off at a run back to the inn.

The next morning bramos finds that Brewis Tumblebelly has a crew of 15 to escort them out of town. Karne Ironfist arrives on a Pegasus. They are led to the north of town when brewis pulls out a jade statuette. He places it on the ground and says “fly”, nothing happens, he then says “please fly” and again nothing happens. Zakiti does an arcana check so see what it is. It seems to be new magic. Brewis then presses a switch and it grow into a jade winged horse. They fly for the day and while they are camping for the night. brewis asks about Karne Ironfist‘s abandonment. Karne Ironfist states that you would leave too if you were chasing a bard around a mountain for 6 weeks! Brewis pulls out an agreement of espionage to the Dead Rabbits. Brewis Tumblebelly then tell [[:bramos]] of Weego’s path to working in the 9 levels of hell. They take off the next morning.

They land at the Brash Tempest only to find it looted and graffiti ed, Mishan asks if this was what he was so proud of. Bramos states that it was not this way when he left it. The whole party then helps to clean up some of the temple. Bramos decides that Mishan cant stay here alone. Zakiti then asks if [[:ingos‘s family was along the same line of thinking as [[:ingos. Brewis Tumblebelly finds some letters to [[:bramos. Bramos then goes into the master’s study to read the letters. The first letter is from Raunnoth. It states that Raunnoth would like assistance in aiding Bushras during the coupe. The next letter is from Mahal. He states that the portal is operational and they are having issues detcting specific locations, but travel is possible. The last letter is from Trafalger. He commends Bramos in his triumph in Xemere and asks that Bramos aid him his current contract. If Bramos wishes to aid him please meet him Forgotten Realms in the Skyclave in the Festival of the Moon.

Bramos tells the party that he plans on heading to Bearatol to use the portal to get to the Forgotten Realms. Bramos states that they will have to fly to Bearatol, Zakiti then says that he can portal them to Serti. Mishan then says that she will be accompanyingbramos,, but that he needs to mark her. They play a game of go and then tests her katas. He then decides that she is ready and takes her into the ink vault and gives her her mark. Mishan screams out in pain and Zakiti thinks that they are “recreational noises”. While bramos was marking Mishan, Brewis Tumblebelly has gained people to assist and watch over the temple. Zakiti says that the portal is ready whenever they are. Mishan states that she will not be left behind.

They then portal to Serati in the mage’s guild. They get into Sereti and discuss the manner of getting a ship. Brewis Tumblebelly suggests that they just pay for a slew. Brewis Tumblebelly finds a decent ship that will be willing to ferry them over. Fort Malalia is growing into a very nice city, Mahal, Cookie, and Dwarfee invite bramos. Cookie then invite bramos into sit with them. Bramos tells what he knows of the old parties where abouts. He regains the tale the siege of Shyine. They then discuss the ability of the portal. It seems to be lacking a directional pointing. Sometimes it seems to be bi-directional but not always. Zakiti takes a look at the portal and starts fiddling with it. Brewis Tumblebelly calls in a friend to assist with the portal. She is a teifling that is a good friend. She walks into the portal room unbeknownst to Zakiti. Then she speaks up when Zakiti tries to move something and tells him not to.

Meanwhile Karne Ironfist is looking around the city for information on Tiamat. He hears that some of Tiamats followers have snuck through the portal to wreak havoc on any planes that they can get to.


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