Satur-Daze Nerds


When the party reaches Arbrook, bramos and oolahana decide that oola needs to meet them on the south side. Just then kiti then decides he needs to kill unsealie, he then introduces himself as Alberic, a sealie fey. As bramos and oolahana are talking to alberia, rowe is growing more and more angry. brandis hollers out “boring” at this oolahana turns around excited to see brandis. Head into town and a woman runs screaming at brandis, crying into his chest. branids convinces the lady that she needs to talk to oolahana. bramos suggests somewhere quiet to speak. she drags oolahana down a allyway to to the poorer section of town and drags oolahana into a smalll house. she introduces herself as Jillian, she wishes to receive justice from the whisper knife. In coming deep sob story…. children taken shipped south to work in the farmlands of the towns. trying to buy back the children. husband not returned. received a small box with scalp of hair and 2 ears. Winfre, Hany, Annan are the children, they are eladrin and 10,12,16.

brandis buys a boat to go upstream to edoblib then kagate

Galdora introduces himself to the party and informs the party that he knows of the time diference. galdora glances at rowe in confusion. this leads to much confusion when she introduces rowe as “big brother rowe”. they have a confersation about the treaty and tenuos relationship. they finish the rest of the trip without much problem.

Edoblib: Albric trys to assist brandis in soothing his tattoo. Brandis is adimant that they need to move on to Kagate. oolahana then blows mute potion on brandis. she then tries to put another potion on him but brandis dodges out of teads the way.

Bramos reports to the castle with kai-dyn. they head into the throne room where quennithar is sitting on the throne. she introduces ingos to bramos. southern lands have united. moonshadow’s summoned to assist. terat has an amry that is sweeping across the south. emperor is dying and their army is in shambles. The sons are not taking lead but. There is, however, an issue about a “bard” that seems to be an issue. bramos suggests getting a large recruitment system set up. Bramos suggests heading xiv. bramos also suggests that they send some guards to kagate. the queen sees the wisdom behind sending some to kagate to figure out the truth behind the missing children to sway the hearts of the small people.

Zakiti stays with oolahana in her search for clues about the missing children. She heads into the unicorn’s hall. she approaches the bar keep and wants an apple juice and information. Upon not receiving much more information than the fact that it is common for those that borrow money and cannot pay. The bar keep knows of no one that is a loan shark.

Zakiti heads to the castle requesting to see bramos but is not allowed in.

Ships in port: The Laughing Maiden, The Seawolf, the blade of Westead,


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