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A Crash Course

Knowing that their mounts were tiring they flew towards the land in the distance. Upon approaching the coast they saw a circle of humanoids. They approached, still looking for their companions, warily. Kai-Dyn spotted two humanoids in the middle of the circle. Bramos called out to the fey making the circle. One called back and told Bramos and Kai-Dyn to leave them alone, as they were conducting business. Bramos declined saying that those were his allies and that he needed to check as to their safety. The fey declined stating that they needed to question “the elf”. Bramos, realizing why they were interested in Oolahana told them that she was not a harm and would not be breaking any laws of the Winter Court or the truce that was made between the Winter and Summer Courts many of years ago. In response the fey allotted that she had not done anything wrong yet but that she would be watched. He handed Bramos a lizard that would be the Winter Court’s eyes and ears for the duration of their stay in Shyine.Bramos revived Oolahana and then Brandis Jax. While Bramos was reviving that others Kai-Dyn decided to go scout the coast. He had seen a faint glowing in the distance. When he approached the glow he saw the sand around the source of light was starting to consolidate and change form. Zakiti appeared afterward to be the source of the glow. As Bramos, went to go heal Brandis Jax, [[:oolahana inquired as to what had happened. Bramos explained that the ship had gone down and that he and Kai-Dyn had been searching for them. At that point Oolahana noticed the lizard that was perched on Bramos‘s shoulder. Bramos held it out to her and said that it was a new friend that wanted to know of her nature. He rarely speaks, but when he does it is in High Elven. Oolahana asked his name and Bramos translated the lizard’s response of Anduin. Oolahana took several times of trying to pronounce the High Elven name and after such time Anduin told Bramos that she could call him Rowe.

After Bramos healed Brandis Jax; Brandis Jax immediately charged at Kai-Dyn who had just returned from scouting out the coast with Zakiti. Kai-Dyn nimbly jumped out of the way, repeatedly. Soon after Brandis Jax resorted to throwing knives at Kai-Dyn. One of the knives, missing Kai-Dyn hit Zakiti, who immediately turned to Brandis Jax and attacked him with lightening that, of course terrorfied Oolahana. Oolahana yelled sharply at Brandis Jax and halted his attacks. Kai-Dyn at that point started to dig a hole to hold Brandis Jax. They then settled down for the night with the plan to travel to Pieren Cove in the morning.


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